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Cadillac Hire in Melbourne – Your Key to a Classic Arrival!


What makes Cadillac hire in Melbourne such a standout choice!


A Saturday afternoon. You’re on the freeway headed towards your destination. The traffic is fairly heavy with a mix of sports fans heading to and from stadiums. A few cars perhaps heading out to dinner and even a show. Often a group of teenagers can be seen in a limo, perhaps on their way to a debutant ball or another special occasion.

Gold Star - Cadillac Hire in Melbourne – Your Key to a Classic Arrival

A quick glance around easily illustrates that the cars are as varied as the people driving them. Some locally manufactured vehicles scattered throughout of course. The usual collection of European and Asian cars are represented strongly as well. With this much variety available it has become increasingly hard to stand out in any way. Enter the Cadillac.

Nothing quite makes a statement like a Caddy, and the 59’ Caddy has it all. Looks, style, performance and, above all, comfort. With its oversized tail fins and jet pod taillights, it’s easy to see why this American Beauty was soon promoted to classic status.

Available in 2- and 4-door, these spacious vehicles are available to hire from Absolute Limousines and Classic Cars. They need to be seen to be believed with their styling and body lines ensuring they were imitated by countless manufacturers for years to come.

For Cadillac hire in Melbourne there is really only one logical choice. Absolute Limousines and Classic Cars have a large range of classic cars including these unique American marvels.

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Our entire range is meticulously looked after and every detail is catered for to ensure that your Cadillac Hire in Melbourne experience is all that it can be… making your big day or event perfect.

From the most professional and friendly drivers to the classiest and most sophisticated vehicles ever made, we can help with all of your Cadillac Hire needs.

Both 2 and 4 door options available.

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