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Get Vintage Cool with Retro Car Hire


Vintage is totally trending at the moment and cars are no exception. Retro car hire really lets you appreciate classic, vintage style.

The thing about vintage things is that they all come with a story. It’s what draws people in; a window into history. Retro car hire will take you back in time and create a sense of fun and adventure.

Gold Star Wedding Car Hire - Retro Car Hire

Hire the car you’ve always wanted to drive, or surprise someone else by turning up in a model they love. Perfect for touring, events or an amazing day out, retro car hire will make it memorable. If it’s for a special occasion, you will love using these cars as a backdrop for your photos. Their beautiful, classic lines are timeless and ooze personality.

While the cars themselves are retro, the detailing is anything but. Clean, pristine interiors and polished exteriors make the rides sleek and luxurious. This makes them perfect for a wedding or special event. Arrive in sophisticated style with a quirky difference. Retro car hire makes for a wonderful contrast to a more formal or conservative occasion and really provides that point of distinction.

Amazing for a themed event, you can make extra impact by arriving in a retro car like the 1959 4 Door Cadillac Sedan De Ville. Use the excuse to look in the back of your closet or go through your parents’ wardrobe and really work the look. Make a playlist to suit and play your favourite flashback music with the windows down. Some of the truly classic car models are so imbued with the culture and fashion of their time, that you won’t help but be transported to a different era.

These cars are beautiful, well maintained and retro cool. Whether it’s taking you back to a time you can remember, or if you are just appreciating all things vintage talk to Gold Star Wedding Car Hire about our Cadilliac retro car hire.